Product Code:

3,500 3000

Delivery Charge : Free

Product Description

Product empty cylinder without gas, kit and nasal mask extra..

OXIHUB are engaged in supplying of Medical Oxygen Cylinders, These are portable medical oxygen cylinders for emergencies/first aid, extremely handy & easy to use.

  • Should be B type 10.5 liters type (1200 per month)
  • Should be supplied with humidifier and flow meter.(new charged in rental)
  • Should be supplied  a key.
  • should have Gas 1150 liter in it.(charged Rs 800 in rent
  • Should have a gauge to measure the cylinder pressure
  • Cylinder should have explosive safety certificate and should be provided along with.
  • each cylinder during installation.
  • Back Pressure Controlled Flow Meter.
  • Sturdy and reliable Flow Meter Unit for an accurate measuring of flow of gases.
  • Chromium plated Brass Body.
  • Metering tube and cover made of unbreakable Poly carbonate.
  • Flow adjustment by Needle valve equipped with inlet filter – 100 μm
  • Flow rate range 0 – 15 litres / minute,
  • Inlet pressure suitable for the cylinder.
Bubble Humidifiers with safety valve and pressure Relief:
  • Lid made of ABS Plastic
  • Jar made of Unbreakable Poly Carbonat

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