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With 3 year onsite warranty from Nareena Lifesceinces Private Limited in delhi/ncr

Assembled in India an german techonology machine.

Light weight and almost zero noise machine.

Capacity to make 5 liter per mintues oxygen.

Can be runned 24x7.




Oxygen concentrators from OXIHUB operate on the principle of pressure swing adsorption of atmospheric nitrogen onto zeolite minerals. At high pressure, nitrogen sticks to the surface of the zeolite. Because the zeolite is extremely porous, it has a very large surface area and can adsorb large volumes of gas. At low pressure the nitrogen is released. OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS..... are stationary, electrical units that take in nitrogen from the air around you and provide a streaming flow of oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are less expensive than liquid oxygen and are the most cost-effective source of oxygen therapy. Almost 80% of home oxygen patients use oxygen concentrators in their daily lives.oxybreath5 300w.

Before oxygen concentrators were around, it was necessary to use heavy steel aluminium cylinders which served as a supply of pure oxygen. Things changed after the oxygen concentrator was invented. A concentrator does not store oxygen like the aluminium cylinders of the past. It produces and distributes oxygen on a continuous basis.

It takes the regular air, which normally contains 21% oxygen, and removes the nitrogen. The resulting air is 95 % percent pure oxygen... OXIHUB's 5L Oxygen Concentrator can work on high temperature countries because it utilizes powerful fan compressor cooling mechanism. Fan is located under the machine so even patients use the device near to the walls, airflow is not disturbed. Two filters in the device are very easy to change and the dust filter has very easy access in order to provide easy maintenance. Device could be used in dusty environments if the regular dust filter maintenance is supplied.

olex  is an indian brand in healthcare sector with wheel chair, dvt pump, compression pump and oxygen concentrator
This prouduct come with 2 years company warranty and have more than 5 years life.