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15,500 9200

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Product Description

OXIHUB provides aspirators and suction machines to the hospital, nursing home, and home care market . It takes pride in its extensive knowledge of suction machines and its ability to provide answers to our customers questions concerning which suction machine is right for their current situation or application.

We also feels it carries the top medical suction machines in the healthcare industry from the top manufacturers. We are able to provide substantial cost savings compared to other companies based on the fact that we sell hundreds of suction machines to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, dentists, EMT's and several other healthcare establishments in such large volumes.

This is oil based suction machine with six months repair warranty.

Made in India product.

High Quality and High suction gaurantee.

What is a Suction Machine?

A Suction Machine is a device for removing liquids or gases by suction, especially an instrument that uses suction to remove substances, such as mucus or serum, from a body cavity. A suction machine is used to create a partial vacuum. A suction machine has been prescribed by your doctor to help remove secretions and mucus from your airways. In addition, a suction machine may be needed when you have a moist cough, are unable to effectively clear secretions from the throat, or are having difficulty breathing or feel that you can not get enough air.

In medicine, suction machines are sometimes necessary to create suction. Suction may be used to clear the airway of blood,.aliva, vomit, or other secretionsso that a patient may breathe. Suctioning can prevent pulmonary aspiration, which can lead to lung infections. In pulmonary toilet, suction is used to remove fluids from the airways, to facilitate breathing and prevent growth of microorganisms.